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55th Class of 63 Reunion      C.L. McLane High School     October 13, 2018

Our Motto: "Growing old is Mandatory, Growing up is Optional, Insanity is our only form of relaxation".

Our Schools Namesake: Charles Lourie McLane was born on April 4, 1862 in Scotland County, Missouri. His career as an educator in Fresno started in 1891 and by 1896, he was principal of Fresno High School. He also served as Superintendent of Fresno City Schools from 1899 to 1913.

McLane later went on to serve as the first president of Fresno State Normal School from 1911 to 1927, which eventually became California State University, Fresno "Fresno State". McLane was also the president of the California State Board of Education from 1926 through 1932. He died on August 17, 1949.



Saturday, OCTOBER 13, 2018 Main Event 5:30pm to 11:30pm
Fresno Breakfast House Banquet Facility, 2079 W. Bullard Ave,
Fresno, California 93711

The Class Reunion Committee wishes you the warmest of greetings. This is your invitation to attend your 55th year Class Reunion in October 2018. Plans for the evening include a casual time of visiting, dining.

The cost will be $45 per person. It is important that you return your registration form with a check or money order as soon as possible. Checks should be made out to: McLane class of '63'. The deadline is October 1, 2018, but sooner is better.

  Click Here for Registration Form

Send monies and registration form to Michelle McCoy Dalton, 1587 Tollhouse Lane, Clovis, CA 93611-0536

While you are thinking about it, please send us any addresses or names you have of McLane classmates. Scroll down this page for a list of the friends we still can’t find. 

If you have any pictures or memorabilia to display during the reunion please contact Steve LaFerrera (559) 906-4478, it will be securely displayed and returned to you.   

If you have questions please Contact:

Bob Armer at:

or Michelle Dalton at: or

These are the classmates, below, we still have not been able to find from the 45th, 2008 reunion, can you help us find them? If you know the whereabouts of any of these class members contact, by e-mail: or webmaster


List of Classmates we have not found!

  Adams, Nichael Roger
Addison, Sue
Ahern, Ronnie M.
Allen, Glen C.
Anderson, Jimmye Elaine
Armstrong, Linda Gale
Armstrong, Carol Ann
Artz, Steven
Ashcraft, Nelson M.
Ashcroft, Ruth Ann

Bahr, Yvonne Lee
Bailey, Carol Louise
Bennett, James
Beauchamp, Michael J.
Blinn, James E.
Booth, Antoinette Louise
Bradley, James S.
Brady, Gene Thomas
Burdan, David Eugene
Bunce, Linda

Cake, Cheryl Darlene
Camden, Gracie F.
Chattin, Sandra
Cheadle, Frank H., Jr.
Childs, Janet Ray
Chavarria, Ernie
Colvin, James B.
Cooper, Linda Joan
Crawford, Christopher G.
Critz, Gerald Anthony
Cunningham, Theodore H.
Cushing, Steven Roger

DeGraff, Susan
Dick, Daniel T.
Digre, Dana Lee
Dodd, Clifford
Donovan, Jan Elizabeth
Drumheiser, Johnathan

Easley, Johnny
Eichler, Jerry L.
Ellington, Douglas D.

Fagerlund, Marita Elisabeth
Ferry, Eguene M.
Field, Sharon Lynn (Lee)
Fisher, Donna L.
Fisher, Mary Rae
Foley, Loretta Lee
Franklin, Marshall E.
Fulton, John F.

Gallaway, Beatrice Ray
Gamble, Gerald T.
Gendreau, Annette Marie
Gibson, Constance
Gilmore, Eugene
Gilmore, Marylin Ann
Grant, Barbara Joyce
Green, Jack
Grossman, Ren

Haas, Dennis Wayne
Harrison, Gina Lynne
Hansen, Roger
Hayes, Susan C.
Hendon, Christine V.
Hergenroeder, Robert P.
Hernandez, Gerald
Hicks, Pat
Hicks, Thomas L.
Holladay, Alaina A.
Houston, Michael D.
Huber, Patricia A.
Hughes, Michael W.
Hull, Ann Elise

Jansen, Christine S.
Johnson, Saundra Lynn
Johnson, Dian A. (Felkins)
Johnson, Wayne G.
Jordan, Larry

Kerley, Nancy
Kincaid, Joan K.
Kirwan, Garrett
Knight, David Robert

Lane, Myles M.
LeBlanc, Donna Kay
Lee, Daniel Thomas
Lehman, William A.
Leninger, Robert B.
Leslie, Stanley L., Jr.
Lidberg, James L.
Littleton, Carole
Lutz, John Michael
Lutz, Michael G.

Madero, David Albert
Marcy, Richard H.
Martin, Jack
Mata, Oralia G.
Matchniff, Susan
Maye, Linda Joann

McCarthy, Dennis
McInkosh, David L.
McKenzie, Gary C.
McKie, Janice
McLean, Bonnie
McLeod, Joanne
Metzler, Donald Lloyd
Meyer, JonDarlene
Michaelson, Cheryl Kay
Montagna, Michael A.
Moore, Karen Faye
Morgan, Charles
Morrow, Arlen Briggs
Myers, Robert Leo

Nahial, Deborah
Nelson, Janice Eileen
Newton, Louise Elaine
Nichols, Kandee Marlene
Noble, Sharon Judith

O' Conner, Marjorie Jean
O'Ehme, Alexia
Osburn, Karan Lynette
Owens, Denny

Parker, Mary Jill
Petersen, Judity Lynn
Peterson, Robert L.
Plymale, Sandra Louise
Prather, Jerry Leon
Prosser, Jacquelyn
Putney, Louis

Rebaudo, Melvin A.
Reed, Kathy
Reutner, John H. Jr.
Reyburn, Kenneth Eugene
Richards, Craig D.
Richmond, Janice
Rinebarger, Judity Arlene
Rivera, Constance R.
Rodriguez, Eva
Rossi, Genene Kay
Rossi, John, Jr.
Rubino, Terry P.
Ruse, Janet Rae

Saiki, Jereann K. (Maka)
Sanchez, Ruben B. Jr.
Sanders, Jackie (Pronovost)
Savino, Gary J.
Scharton, Donna Lee
Scharton, Karen Lee
Scheidt, Gary
Schmidt, Lael Arnold
Sheldon, Terry E.
Silveira, Rose M.
Simmons, Susan
Skinner, Carol Lee
Slater, Susan Gail
Smiley Sharon (Haines)
Smith, Dorene Joy
Smith, Gleneta Jane
Snelling, Barbara Ann
Spence, Steven Anthony
Staley, Carol Joyce
Stanger, Russell
Starks, Donna Elizabeth (Petrucelli)
Staugaard, Gale Marie
Stephenson, Nancy Beth
Stevens, Pamela
Stickel, Rboert E.
Stowe, Donald Roy
Sumka, Mary Malvina

Taylor, Richard
Teter, James E.
Thompson, Leroy T.
Thompson, Mary Jane
Thorpe, Laura Ellen
Throop, Warren H.

Valenzuela, Yolanda Nancy
Van Meter, Constance L. (Downer)
Vaughn, Jane Doralee
Vindish, Marie
Vogel, Judy Ann

Wade, Charla Wade
Wallace, Steven Neil
Watson, Donna Kay
Wentworth, John H.
Whitlow, Juanita
Wilborn, JoAnn
Winchester, Martin Rudd
Winston, Susan Elizabeth
Winter, Diane K.
Wirth, Kathleen
Wood, Bruce F.
Woodward, Sandra Lee
Wright, Sharon Lee

Yrle, Kinta Ann


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